Methodologies Explained

Acupuncture: This is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine which aims to correct imbalances of the body that present in physical or mental ailments and restore health.
This is done by inserting tiny needles into the body at certain points for each person and their specific needs.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: With this ancient practice specific herbs are combined to
make up a formula that is unique to the client’s pattern. Pill and liquid form (tincture) is offered sourcing the highest quality herbs with thorough testing of heavy metals and toxins.

Holistic Microneedling for Facial Rejuvenation: In this gentle yet effective treatment micro channels are created to remodel the skin while using your body’s natural skin healing mechanism to rejuvenate it from the inside out. With use of the Aculift Microneedle Pen fine, sterile needles are passed over the skin to improve texture and tighten, reduce wrinkles and acne scars and enhance skin care product effectiveness.

Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage: This is important for good health as it regulates lymphatic and blood circulation, relieves overused muscles which prevents injuries while relieving
stress and promoting relaxation and overall wellbeing. Judy is trained in Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Shiatsu (a Japanese massage that triggers pressure points to relieve deep muscle aches and balance all aspects of health), Tui Na (a traditional Chinese massage that uses medical theory to treat specific symptoms-great for children) and Thai (massage that is given fully clothed and integrates stretching). She also uses traditional Chinese methods of body work such as Cupping and Gua Sha (See below)

Nutritional Counseling: Discussion of ones dietary and physical habits so guidelines for their unique body and lifestyle may be given to offer client optimal health while
ridding them of ailments.

Moxibustion: An ancient practice from China, which involves burning a specific herb near the skin to create warmth, increase circulation, nourish and strengthen the body
and promote healing.

Cupping Therapy: This practice dates back thousands of years in many cultures. Glass jars and a flame create a suction on the skin, ridding the body of toxins,
alleviating muscle aches and injuries (chronic and acute) and balancing health on a deep level. This technique is very helpful for many symptoms including PMS,
depression, as well as cold and flu.

Gua Sha: Used for reasons similar to cupping, this technique is performed using a round edged tool such as a ceramic soup spoon or jar lid which rubs over oil covered
skin. Dramatic results from old injuries/symptoms can be found after just a few sessions.

Facial Acupuncture: Cosmetic acupuncture treatment which may combine both local and distal needles, gua sha and facial cupping. Hair thin needles are applied to local areas on the face as well as on the body to minimize the signs of aging and to target specific imbalances on the face as well as deficiencies in the body that cause the body to age. This is a targeted treatment which focuses on treating from the inside out.

Acu-Aroma therapy: The practice of matching an essential oil due to it’s given property to an acupuncture point to increase the benefits of the treatment.

Pre and Post-Partum Support: With a Doula back-round I offer support and guidance for the pregnant woman before, during and after the birth as well as fertility and IVF support.

Placenta Encapsulation: An ancient practice of ingesting ones placenta is done for speedy recovery after childbirth to increase energy and iron supply as well as enrich breast milk, and decrease postpartum blues/depression, night sweats, and insomnia. Encapsulating the placenta into pills offers an easy way of ingesting and preserving this potent rare medicine. *This is offered for Acupuncture clients only.